Hersham 54 Fireplace Mantel Liberty White Marble

The Hersham has been manufactured from Liberty White Marble, which is a naturally created material, which means every Hersham is unique. It can occasionally feature grey patches and tiny black spots and is not a perfectly pure white marble due to the nature of the material.

A mantel comprises of the legs, header or ‘frieze’ and shelf. In general, mantels are compatible with a range of interiors, commonly referred to as inserts, and Capital Fireplaces have a range of inserts designed to complement all their mantels, including cast iron, brick, steel and stone. Please contact us for more information or view pg 82 and 83 of the Capital Fireplaces Mantels and Suites brochure for the options.

The Hersham is shown above with an Oxford highlight cast iron backpanel, High Efficiency Glass Fronted Gas Convector with Lunar Highlight Fire Frame and polished granite frame. These are all items which will need to be purchased in addition to the Hersham.

The Hersham mantel is also available in Agean Limestone and Carrara Marble.

Width (mm) : 1370mm

Height (mm): 1125mm

Depth (mm): 190mm (including shelf)

Size of opening (mm): N/A

Matching Hearth:

Back Panel:

Suitable for Gas:

Suitable for Woodburning: