Maderia 48 Fireplace Suite Portuguese Limestone

The Maderia is made from Portuguese limestone, which is natural stone cut straight from the earth. To find ‘blooms’, lighter and darker veins, ‘whisps’ of fossilised fern leaves and other unique features are not considered defects but are naturally part of owning a Portuguese Limestone suite.

This suite comes with the matching hearth and a three piece back panel.

Shown above with a Sirocco Highlight Gas Firebasket with Ceramic Driftwood and Black Painted Reeded Fireboard Chamber.

Alternatively, the Maderia is available in Micromarble in either a Barley White or Mocha Beige finish (see colour option).

Width (mm) : 1220mm

Height (mm): 1086mm

Depth (mm): 380mm (including hearth)

Size of opening (mm): 16 inches

Matching Hearth:

Back Panel:

Suitable for Gas:

Suitable for Woodburning: