Lunar Fire Frame Open Fronted Convector

The Lunar Fire Frame Open Fronted Convector from Capital Fireplaces is suitable for a Class I and Class II chimneys and produces up to 4kW of heat for Class I and up to 3.4kW for the latter. There is a choice of coal or pebbles for the fuel bed and is only available in a Highlight Finish, shown in the above pictures.

Manual or slide control. The back of the fire is tapered.

What is a Class I chimney?
Commonly found in older houses, pre-1960s. Identifiable by a 7″ or greater diameter flue, with an external stack.

What is a Class II chimney?
Identifiable by a 5″ diameter flue and a steel flue terminal. Found in newer houses with a steel flue built in or older houses where the existing chimney has been lined by a proprietary steel flue.

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