The Richmond has a traditional elegant design with its cast iron frame and finely detailed castings. It is available in a number of different fire choices, which means you can choose an option to suit you and your home. (Frame remains the same.)

The choices are:

1. Logic Convector – 16″ wide, open front, coal or pebble fuel bed, suitable for conventional chimneys only, standard remote control available, incorporates a convection system that provides virtually twice the heating efficiency. (If manual control chosen, the fire is not upgradable to a standard remote control at a later date.)
2. E-Box – 16″ wide, glass fronted for higher efficiency, coal or pebble fuel bed, conventional and balanced flue options, sequential remote control as standard
3. VFC Convector – 16″ and 22″ widths, open fronted, coal fuel bed, suitable for brick chimneys only but powerflue option available, standard remote control available, variable flame control.

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