Saxo 80 slim line

The Saxo 70 slimline features a number of state of the art innovations:

1. The slim line II technology means that the fire has an almost invisible frame for an unparalleled view of the fire.
2. Vario Burner provides a high flame picture with a beautiful glow effect.
3. Closed combustion technology means that the fire takes its air directly from outside and all exhaust gases are expelled via the same pipe (balanced flue). Therefore no room vents are required.

The fire is designed to fit into a room corner; either right or left hand side. Comes with a log fuel bed and polished black interior. Remote control also supplied. Available with an optional ‘Lux’ ventilation and lighting kit, which provides ventilation points on either side of the chimney breast and can be enhanced by subtle lighting in either ivory white or alu-metallic.

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