F40 Avanti

The contemporary gas version of the F40 Avanti is available in three distinctive versions;

F40 Avanti – Main picture;
F40 Avanti Midi – 2nd picture (top right);
F40 Avanti Highline – 3rd picture (bottom right).

In regards to the stove’s operation, there is a Piezo ignition (automatic sparking without batteries or electricity) and manual controls to adjust the flame height and heat output. As an optional extra, you can opt for the stove with a standard remote control so the heat and flames can be adjusted from your chair. Alternatively, a programmable remote control is also available, which allows you to set the stove to switch itself on and off and heat the room to the temperature you select.

Available in an matt/iridium finish only. Top exit only.

Freestanding stoves Stoves up to 5kW Traditional stoves

Width (mm) : 462mm all models

Height (mm): A - 644mm / AM - 824mm / AH - 999mm

Depth (mm): 331mm all models

Heat output (kW): 2.34kW - 4.02kW

Natural Gas:

LPG Gas:

Conventional flue:

Balanced flue:

Fuel effect: Coals or Logs (may depend on flue type)

Top/rear flue exit:

Remote control: