Astroline 4

Similar in looks to the Astroline 3, the Astroline 4 is available with either a pedestal base or wood store base, both with a riddling grate. The state of the art cleanburn system provides stunning flames within the firebox and these can be seen from more than an 180 degee angle, thanks to the angled glass side panels and large main window. Combustion and efficiency is also aided by an outside air connection. Available in an anthracite finish only.

Freestanding stoves
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Width (mm) : 465mm

Height (mm): 1140mm

Depth (mm): 420mm

Heat output (kW): 10kW

Flue size: 150mm - Top or Rear Outlet

DEFRA approved:

Multifuel version:

Multifuel kit:

Top/rear flue exit: