The Mendip Burrington is an inset boiler stove with a wraparound boiler, providing 13.3kW of heat output in total. 11.4kW of this is fed to the water and the rest to the stove. Simple regulated burning is achievable through its thermostatic air control system.

Other features of this stove are:
1. Airwash System – ensures that the glass is kept clear of sooty deposts.
2. Three Flow Air System – this provides optimal levels of combustion air where it is needed for the combustion process. This results in an especially clean and efficient combustion.
3. 24hr Operation – the stove is designed and tested under a continuous burn regime; this allows the stove to burn continuously.

The Mendip Burrington fits into a standard UK fireplace (16″ x 22″) so it could be a perfect replacement to an existing open fire.

PLEASE NOTE: only coal can be burnt on this stove.

Manufactured in the UK.

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Width (mm) : 577mm

Height (mm): 596mm

Depth (mm): 476mm

Heat output (kW): 13.3kW

Flue size: 150mm - Rear Outlet

DEFRA approved:

Multifuel version:

Multifuel kit:

Top/rear flue exit: