The 3.6kW rated Jetmaster 16i is an impressive 86% efficient, making it Jetmaster;s most efficient stove ever.

Jetmaster Fires’ efficient pureburn (also referred to as cleanburn) technology ensures that your stove burns at the most efficient rate possible. By heating some of the combustion air before it is introduced into the controlled combustion chamber, it allows potentially wasted carbon particulate to be burnt producing extra energy. This will result in more heat in your room and less waste up the flue.

The large ceramic window allows you to enjoy a fantastic view of the flickering flames. The airwash system forces a curtain of pre-heated air between the fuel bed and the window, ensuring your view is clear of sooty deposits.

A further benefit is the ability to reduce cold airflow into your home, this is done using the optional room sealed external air supply kit. This option eliminates the requirement of an air supply from outside into the room, lowering the ambient temperature in the room.

The Jetmaster 16i also has a removable handle and is available with an optional conversion kit to allow you to burn solid fuel as well as wood. The stove is DEFRA approved to burn wood in smoke controlled zones.

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Width (mm) : 407

Height (mm): 554

Depth (mm): 355

Heat output (kW): 3.6kW

Flue size: 125mm

DEFRA approved:

Woodburning version:

Top/rear flue exit: