26K High

The Contura 26K is a tiled stove that is clad with specially manufactured white gloss or matt sand coloured tiles of the highest quality. The cast iron can be either black or grey.

The curved large glass window show views of the flickering flames from a range of angles.

The 26K High can be fitted with an optional olivine heat tank, which makes it possible for the stove to store heat. This means that you get even heat distribution over a longer period of time. An adjustable damper enables you to regulate the amount of heated air from the stove; an open damper distributes the heat more quickly and a closed damper will provide a longer cooling down period. Cold air is drawn into the rear of the stove and is distributed as warm air via the grille at the top of the stove.

The 26K High is also available with an optional outside air connection so that the stove takes its air from outside rather than the room. A 230V fan can also be added into the bottom of the stove to distribute warm air even quicker.

If you want your stove to be multi-functional, why not add the optional baking oven unit, which will be fitted to the top of the stove.

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Width (mm) : 582mm

Height (mm): 1622mm

Depth (mm): 462mm

Heat output (kW): 6kW

Flue size: 150mm - Top or Rear Outlet

DEFRA approved:

Woodburning version:

Top/rear flue exit: