The Contura 450 will provide a fantastic focal point for an open plan space. It is fitted with a heat tank in the masonry cover for additional heat retention. This means that you get even heat distribution over a longer period of time. The Contura 450 is an impressive 80% efficient.

The large glass window and side panels show views of the flickering flames from a range of angles.

The 450 is also available with an optional outside air connection so that the stove takes its air from outside rather than the room. A 230V fan can also be added into the bottom of the stove to distribute warm air even quicker. The masonry casing can be white or grey.

Contemporary stoves Freestanding stoves Stoves over 5kW

Width (mm) : 640mm

Height (mm): 1195mm

Depth (mm): 550mm

Heat output (kW): 6kW

Flue size: 150mm - Top or Rear Outlet

DEFRA approved:

Woodburning version:

Top/rear flue exit: