The Contura 520T is covered in soapstone, a material that is brilliant at retaining heat. Soapstone’s long cooling time means that the heat becomes more even and lasts longer.

Combustion air is heated to extremely high temperatures and flushed out onto the inside of the glass, which prevents soot build up and helps the glass stay clear.

Heating efficiency is increased by the stove’s cleanburn technology, activated by sliding the control on the front of the stove to the left. This releases pre-heated combustion air into the stove, which burns off excess hydrocarbons in the smoke. This also results in cleaner emissions.

There are also various options available as follows;
1. A hotplate for the top of the stove.
2. A turntable to enable the stove to rotate.
3. Floor protection in either glass or metal.
4. A fan can be fitted into the stove to improve convection and so distribute warm air quicker. (Not available if a plinth drawer is fitted – see below.)
5. The bottom of the 520T is a log store as standard but can be fitted with a static plinth or a plinth drawer instead.

The Contura 520T has a nominal output of 5kW of heat and is 79% efficient.

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Width (mm) : 564mm

Height (mm): 1032mm

Depth (mm): 470mm

Heat output (kW): 5kW

Flue size: 150mm - Top or Rear Outlet

DEFRA approved:

Woodburning version:

Top/rear flue exit: