Cuatro-2 60

The Barbas Cuatro-2 60 is one of three models in the Cuatro range, which offers fires in various sizes. Whichever size you go for, they all have a large glass window so you can enjoy a glorious flame picture.

The Cuatro-2 60 comes in a frameless design as standard, although it is also available with a three sided frame as per the above picture.

The balanced combustion system ensures high efficiency, reduced emissions and ease of use. Three inlets feed air into the fire; via the underside for primary combustion, via the rear for secondary combustion and via the top for cleaning of the glass. The vermiculite panelled interior also aids efficiency.

An optional Perma-air convection fan system is available to ensure that warm air is swiftly distributed. However the fire is supplied with a standard convection casing if you don’t go for this option.

Another option available with this fire is a closed combustion system, which allows the fire to take air for combustion from outside the building rather than from the room. This reduces the need for external air vents to be fitted into the room.

The dimensions given below are for the frameless option.

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Width (mm) : Contact us or see brochure

Height (mm): Contact us or see brochure

Depth (mm): Contact us or see brochure

Heat output (kW): 6-10kW

Flue size: 180mm

DEFRA approved:

Woodburning version:

Top/rear flue exit: