Cuatro-3 75

The Barbas Cuatro-3 75 is a fire that combines the advantages of a built-in fireplace with the easy installation of an insert fireplace. This means it is suitable for completely new fireplaces and the replacement of an existing fireplace.

The Cuatro-3 75 comes in a frameless design as standard, although it is also available with a 3 sided frame 35mm frame and 4 sided 50mm frame.

The interior of the fire is produced from concrete ceramics, which have excellent heating properties and contribute to a high output and low emissions.

An optional powerful ventilation system is available to ensure that warm air is swiftly distributed. It is fitted under the fire, which offers the possibility to switch the ventilator on and off as desired with the continuously adjustable control. However the fire is supplied with a standard convection casing if you don’t go for this option.

Another option available with this fire is a closed combustion system, which allows the fire to take air for combustion from outside the building rather than from the room. This reduces the need for external air vents to be fitted into the room.

The dimensions given below are for the frameless option.

DEFRA approved stoves Inset stoves

Width (mm) : 750mm

Height (mm): 500mm

Depth (mm): 455mm

Heat output (kW): 10-14kW

Flue size: 200mm

DEFRA approved:

Woodburning version:

Top/rear flue exit: